OUR LIFE MAKES SENSE WHEN IT IS EMBEDDED IN NATURE. Our connection to the natural world is our connection to the Self. To fully experience this connection requires a submission to the earth itself, allowing it to guide our steps, shape our lives and seep into the essence of our bodies and souls, returning us home to ourselves.

TO GO INTO NATURE to mark the changes in our lives, to clarify a life situation, to seek healing, or to reclaim our true place in the natural order of things, is the most ancient form of spiritual practice. With the aid of self-generated ceremony and intentional transformational experiences, one leaves behind the old ways of the self and enters into the initiatory realm which leads to insight and revelation. This usually involves a period of solitude, fasting and exposure to the elements, facing fears, taking on a challenge and emerging through the mystery of birth into a new status of being.

WILDERNESS RITES offers a variety of earth-based healing practices related to this ancient way of being with nature. Each experience is held in a natural setting and within a loving community which provide the support and guidance for regeneration and transformation. Come join others on a similar path and deliberate search for vision and clarity to help strengthen, honor and celebrate your life. Participate in earth rituals, self-generated ceremony, a time of solitude and living simply on the earth, storytelling, nutritious meals and wisdom circles.

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