Craig Comstock welcomes wilderness guide Anne Stine to Like Wow! to discuss the history and purpose of vision quests.:

Wonderful World of Women with Lavelle Foos:

Global Sisters Report article, October 2015

Circles on the Mountain interview, October 2014

Rogue Valley Messenger interview, October 2012

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Heron Dance, Issue 29, 2000. Snake Mountain

Wilderness Rites For Elders by Jody Woodruff

Jenn’s Story

Wilderness Rites For Elderly; Interview with Anne Stine

Tragedy and Grace on the Sacred Mountain
From Circles on the Mountain, Issue #16, Winter 2010
by Ann Linnea and Anne Stine

Life Cycle Story of "Jumping Mouse"
From Circles on the Mountain, Issue #15, Winter 2009
by Skye Bailey


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