Print application form and mail it with your non-refundable deposit (see schedule for amount). Registration forms for programs can be found under their description on the programs page. Upon receipt, you will be sent a registration packet which includes guidance on all aspects of the trip.

Include a brief letter of intention describing what it is that calls you join in this earth-based experience at this time.

Mail to the address on the Registration Form


Tuition: Fees include all guidance and preparatory meetings leading up to and following the solo wilderness time, plus an individual session with the guide (in person, skype or phone). For more information on fees see ‘What About Money’ below.
A nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your place. Your deposit is your commitment to participate in the program, and also covers considerable administrative and direct client participation work. If there is an emergency and you need to cancel, the deposit can either be transferred to the following year or partially refunded depending on the situation. Typically all but $100. is refunded. The final balance of the trip fee is due 8-10 weeks prior to departure, depending on each trip. It is non-refundable after that time unless your place is filled. A full refund is given should Wilderness Rites cancel the trip.
Payment plans are available.

Not Included in fees: Camping, most food and shower fees where applicable.

Insurance: Participants are required to have their own complete medical coverage for the duration of the experience.
Transportation: Unless indicated, participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the location of the particular trip or program. You can consult with Wilderness Rites for assistance in arranging transportation.

Food: Arrangements made for each trip or program. Special dietary needs are provided.

What about money? (An explanation of fees from founder, Anne Stine).
I have been leading wilderness quests since 1989, and have had a counseling, consultation, ecopsychology, mentoring practice since 1975. The topic of money/fees is something that is integral to what I offer, as it carries the burden and, yes, the gift of many issues for us all. Having been asked many times about my policy on this topic, I wanted to share my view:
First anything I offer I want to be life enhancing and therefore money itself should also be used for the same benefit, for the individual and ultimately for benefit of the larger human and earth community.
I feel that my work is a gift that life has given to me, and doesn’t belong to me, it is to be shared. As such I believe that anyone who truly wants to participate in a wilderness trip or my consultation practice has been sent to me for our mutual benefit. I have a strong commitment to make my services available to anyone who life sends to me and, if possible, to not turn anyone away because of lack of resources. (And to this day I have never had to turn anyone away.) Although I do not have a scholarship fund, I have worked out payment plans with individuals in many situations over the years.
I have been self-employed for almost 40 years now and with a few exceptions have been the sole employee, with paid co-guides, consultants and assistants. My only source of income to support this work is from the fees I charge. The expenses of running, especially, the wilderness work range from insurance and permit fees, to necessary gear, food, transportation and general office expenses. The profit margin is very modest.
With regard to the wilderness work, when I first began this powerful calling, I ‘heard’ from within that as long as I was willing to work with whoever came to me, that all would be taken care of. Indeed that is exactly what has happened and now in my elder years I am more inspired and energized than ever before by taking people out into wild nature to heal and deepen the human-nature relationship, mark changes and bring about transformation in personal and community lives. The spirit of cooperation and reciprocity in the service of this ancient ceremony seems to provide for us all what we need.
So the bottom line is: money is neutral, we place the value on it. When it is put to use for the good of the whole, there is enough to go around.
I invite anyone who is interested in participating in any aspect of my work and needs to consult about money to contact me.



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