Ecopsychology (Ecotherapy); Earth-based practices and Psychotherapy

Ecopsychology is the integration of psychology and ecology and addresses the full spectrum of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues which are part of everyday life. It also includes ways of returning to a sense of belonging and connection with the earth as a life sustaining source. Drawing upon the common and positive experience that most people have had when spending time in the natural world, individuals can come to experience their lives as part of and interconnected with nature.

Ecopsychology includes traditional psychotherapeutic practices as well as treatment and practices with which can support the individual healing experience within the context of psychotherapy:

  • Therapeutic and earth-based practices that address one’s particular life issues, such as self-confidence, stress, life transitions, loss and grief, stress, addictions, relationships and spirituality.
  • Finding and experiencing nature’s presence in our daily lives; fostering a strong sense of connection to earth and place; exploring our place in the cycles and rhythms of the natural world.
  • Personal stories, deep and reflective listening; one’s personal experience as it relates to the natural world
  • Encouraging sensitive connections to the natural world, ie as with plants, animals, the elements more.
  • Meeting in environments, both indoors and outdoors, that encourage this deeper and more mindful connection with oneself and the large earth community.
  • Addressing the impact of environmental challenges today on one’s life and how to handle them. Fostering awareness that includes the relationship between one’s own pain and stress and that of the environment.


Over the last decade Anne, now in her 70s, has been asked to mentor individuals in a variety of ways and circumstances. Mentoring has become a means of transmitting the essence of what she has learned, especially with a focus on the quest for self-knowledge and wisdom. Anne sees herself as a ‘midwife’ who, with a variety of psychological and spiritual practices, offers individuals an opportunity to ‘apprentice’ with her to clarify their genuine life path. The relationship between herself and the mentee is central to the experience. She considers this work part of her legacy and an expression of her awakening journey into elderhood. It embraces her experiences in nature, rites of passage, group facilitation, teaching and training, counseling, extended solitary retreat in wilderness settings, and her practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

Mentoring is especially suitable for people who have been on a wilderness quest, or any life changing experience and are seeking guidance on how to incorporate this experience into daily life with family, work, and community.

Consultation and guidance for Earth-based rites of passage and wilderness quests.

Anne is available to individuals and small groups seeking to create their own experience of an earth-based rite of passage/wilderness quest. This experience can be used to mark changes or passages from one stage of life to another, and uses the natural world as a guide and teacher for individual or community healing (as with an organization), clarification of a life issue or situation, or to strengthen and restore one’s relationship with the natural world and to address such questions as: what is my deep life purpose, what are my gifts, and who or where is my community? This rite of passage is suitable for groups and institutions seeking clarification of issues related to leadership, purpose, organization, etc. Local land as well as more remote wilderness settings are possible sites for these experiences.

Ecotherapy and consultation is available also as a phone consultation and skyping.


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